Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

That's right - I just compared getting my period to being a kid on Christmas morning. But I have two sound (or is that sad?) reasons for doing so...

Reason #1:
You know how during Christmas, the build-up is better than the actual day? At least for me it always was as a kid. I would get to a near frenzied height of excitement and anticipation leading up to the day of Christmas. I imagined how wonderful and perfect it would all be, and how mountainous my pile of gifts, and then it never quite lived up to my expectations (or maybe I was just a spoiled brat). Well, that's what my phone call to Dr. D was like yesterday. I think I built it up to be this epic call: we were moving forward! Big plans would be happening! Yet, it was all kind of anti-climatic.

First of all, I never got to talk to Dr. D. I just talked to N at the front desk. I told her how we needed a different trigger shot and she talked to the Dr. and he suggested Lupron. Then she scheduled me for a CD12 ultrasound with possible trigger. I tried to bring up the progesterone, but she said it could vary at all different points and I'd have to bring it up with the doctor. And that was it. She hung up. Call done.

And all my Christmas-letdowness let loose. I hated the idea of the Lupron shot (why? I had never even heard of itm so there was 100% no reason to be warranted for not liking it). I was angry about the CD12 ultrasound (waaay too early for me since I never ovulate before CD17. However, my Dr.'s office always says better early rather than miss it. Logically, I totally understand why they do and would definitely prefer being too early than too late). I pouted. I googled. And eventually, I calmed down.

Turns out, Lupron is a non-hcg trigger. I actually found a case of someone using it who also did not respond to the hcg shot. And, um, my dr.'s office called back today and offered, when I suggested monitoring through blood work, to move my ultrasound/trigger to CD15. Oh. Humble pie, this is what you taste like? I remember you well from Christmas' past.

Reason for being like a kid on Christmas Morning #2:
I actually did not sleep well last night I was so excited to start temping again. I kept waking up and sneaking peeks at my clock like a kid anticipating the arrival of Santa (although a temp of 97.18 is not quite as good a gift as a Red-Ryder-BB gun, I think it just might be when it finally shows me that blessed shift indicating I ovulated).

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