The ABCs of Trying

I use a lot of acronyms on this site, so those of you who are new to the baby-making (bless you) or who have been out of the game for awhile, here are some of those most commonly used:

AF = Aunt Flo (aka. the crimson tide. aka. your period. aka. the meanest bitch around)
BBT = Basal Body Temperature (your temperature when taken first thing in the morning)
BD = Baby Dance (making lurrrrve)
BFN = Big fat negative (from a pregnancy test. Also known as the soul-sucking white bar of misery)
BFP = Big fat positive (as allusive as unicorns and pixie fairies)
CM = Cervical Mucus (which sounds so much better as "CM". Basically, you check this each day and are looking for a stretchy, egg white consistency as your clue that you are ovulating)  
IUI = Interuterine Insemination (the less sexy version of BD which involves a plastic cup, a doctor, and a plastic tube)
LP = Luteal Phase. (The period of time after you ovulate. See - TWW)
OPK = Ovulation Prediction Kit (lets you know when you will ovulate within 24-48 hours)
NTNT = Not trying not to (something I personally don't think truly exists, but a state where you are not trying, but not preventing a pregnancy either. My personal feeling: if you are not preventing, you ARE trying)
RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist (a specialist in the baby-making department)
TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs)
TTC = Trying to conceive (working hard at the baby-making)
TWW = Two week wait (the two weeks after you ovulate, but before your period [or your positive test] will come. Known for symptom spotting and fabrication, wild mood swings and violent behaviors)