The Crib Notes

I want back all the co-pays I paid out for birth control...

I thought it would be so easy. Ditch the pill. Have some unprotected fun. 9 months later, voila, a little mini-me (even better ~ a mini-us) would appear. HA.

To catch us up to the present day here are the basics:

November 2009: Surgery for suspected Endo. Adhesions found on uterine cul-de-sac (sounds so domestic) and bowels. Ends of the fallopian tubes show glutenization and are separated. Uterine septum found and removed. Two fibroids also found and removed. Diagnosed as having Stage II endo.

November 2009 - July 2010:  Not trying, but not being vigilant about protection either.

July 2010: Got married! Go on birth control to regulate cycles and reduce scar tissue build up.

April 2011:  Throw away birth control. Eagerly plan to be knocked up this very month. Imagine how I will tell coworkers.

October 2011: Go see RE (same one who performed surgery). He suggests natural IUIs and an HSG. HSG comes back clear. IUI = BFN

November 2011 - January 2012: Natural IUIs (and one random annovulatory cycle) all resulting in BFN

February 2012: switch Drs

February/March 2012: 50 mg of clomid + IUIs. BFN

April 2012: follistim + IUI = BFN

May 2012:  30mm and 27mm cyst on left ovary / 24 mm cyst on right - told to take month off and use birth control

June 2012: Follistim + trigger w/ natural trying = BFN (with shortest luteal phase yet of 9DPO)

June 2012: 4 to 5 cysts on ovaries - told to take month off and try naturally. Decided to leave my current practice and get a 3rd opinion. Am officially in "like" with my new doctor and are gearing up to start IVF protocol if this miracle cycle does not work.

July 2012: AF arrives from natural cycle (Beast). Meeting with Dr. to start IVF protocol. Retrieval tentatively set for week of September 17th!!

And so I keep cycling along until I reach my golden destination of Babyville.