Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Crib Notes

I want back all the co-pays I paid out for birth control...

I thought it would be so easy. Ditch the pill. Have some unprotected fun. 9 months later, voila, a little mini-me (even better ~ a mini-us) would appear. HA.

To catch us up to the present day here are the stats:
months trying: 8
months using OPKs: 8
months charting: 5
basal thermometers owned: 3 (yes 3...and I doubt the actual accuracy of any and all of them)
IUIs: 6 (but that is 2 per month, so only 3 months)
HCG trigger shots to help the IUI: 2
Supportive husbands: 1
Nerves shredded: infinitely many....

And so I keep cycling along until I reach my golden destination of Babyville.

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