Thursday, December 29, 2011

East Coast Meets Eastern Medicine - Part I

A.K.A - B has used up her patience with western medicine and is now seeking outside help.

I'm not sure when I first started considering acupuncture. I read a lot of ttc blogs / message boards, so I have a feeling I heard it there first. Little whisperings about it working, and even if it wasn't working it was so relaxing. But I know I had it floating in the back of my head when Dr. D mentioned it at our last appointment. Perhaps sensing that I am not a relaxer (who me?) he suggested that we give it a try. He said it had worked with other patients. Hearing Dr. D recommend it gave it credence to me. Before that, it was just something else that us crazy-to-be-pregnant people might try (because, after a certain point, if someone said dancing in the moonlight with underwear on your head is the key to fertility, you ask when is the next full moon and get your skivvy's ready). But now it was endorsed by a Dr.! I was ready to give it a whirl. But only if this cycle did not work, and I was certain that it would.

Well, after the fateful call from Dr. D that not only did it not work, but I did not even ovulate, one of the ways I was able to (moderately) keep my sanity was by googling acupuncture places. While I wish I had done better research than just a web search (because, really, I feel like you should fully vet out a place that wants to stick needles in you), I am ashamed to say that's all I did. I mean, I did google every configuration of words to make sure it was okay. In fact, the following is my google search list:

acupuncture nj
fertility acupuncture nj
fertility acupuncture nj recommendation
______________ reviews (at this point I found the one I wanted)
______________ law suits
______________ deaths

But amazingly, nothing bad came up, so I figured, what did I have to lose (except, perhaps, feeling in a limb or several hundred dollars on failed treatments). So after this tough search criteria, how did a place finally win the key to my wallet heart? Here is a list of what helped me decide:

B's Super Tough Criteria for Choosing an Acupuncturist

1. They specialized in fertility. I am sure a regular acupuncturist would be just fine, but I figured since I was making the leap to go for this, I wanted to go with the most highly specialized available. After all, I did not want to wind up with cured sinuses instead of a fertile womb.
2. They had a pretty website. No, I'm not really that shallow. But it was nicely laid out, user friendly, and full of information, including the cost, a downloadable diet plan and a page dedicated to explaining what the first appointment would be like.
3. They wanted to see my charts. I was so excited. Months of getting up at 5:30 in the morning were going to pay off! Seriously though, that helped me seem like it would be customized services towards me, not just a generic fertility plan applied to everyone.

Hmm...I just sat here trying to think of 4, but I might have only had 3 criteria. I know I had a fourth that only went into place once I arrived at their location:

4. It did not look like a crack den. In fact it looked like a very shi shi spa. Wide planked wood floors, Yogi teas for you to drink while waiting, pastel colored walls. As I walked in, two affluent looking women were leaving. I figured if the women climbing into the Lexus gave it their endorsement, that was good enough for me.

And so, full of nerves, hope and yes, despite the Lexus Ladies, some skepticism, I walked in for my first appointment.

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