Friday, December 30, 2011

East Coast Meets Eastern Medicine - Part 2

So, about the appointment(s) [spoiler alert: I've had two]:

Like I said in my last post, I was super relieved when I walked into the acupuncture center. It was very spa like and clean looking. Plus, one whole wall was dedicated to baby birth announcements, letters of gratitude and thank you cards. In addition, on the table was a thick white binder full of acupuncture research and articles to read while waiting. All of this was reassuring as I sat, drinking my complimentary tea, waiting to be called.

Finally, J came out and introduced herself. She was nice, if frazzled. We then sat for my intake meeting. Basically, she went over the paperwork I filled out, paying special attention to my charts (yes!). But I felt like she did not say anything of consequence. Or really much at all. It was mainly me doing the talking and I found that disappointing. I know it is unrealistic, but I also know deep down I was hoping she would read my info, feel my pulse, look at my tongue and then say, "Oh, I see why you aren't pregnant. You are a water sign, and water signs need blah blah blah". Alas no. In fact, when she felt my pulse I even probed her a little, asking what she was doing and what it meant and she just answered curtly, "feeling your energy". WTF is that? Expand for us non-eastern thinkers please!

After that she plopped about 10 needles in me, turned off the lights and left the room. Leaving me for 25 minutes of "relaxation". Except - as anyone who knows me will not be surprised - I didn't. I did not find it the least bit relaxing. Not because I was grossed out or nervous about the needles. By this point I have had so much blood drawn I could be an extra on Dexter. No, I think maybe I did not relax because:

(a) I felt pressured to relax. Which basically makes me stress out. Am I relaxing enough now? How about now? maybe I should change my this more serene? Now am I relaxed?
(b) It's boring as all heck to lie still for 25 minutes straight when you can't even move because the needle in your arm is getting stuck on the blanket they so kindly placed over you. And you can forget about scratching that itch!

And that was it. It was kind of anticlimatic. I was hoping to feel fertile, or at least relaxed, but in the end I was grouchy and poorer.

Of course, I signed up for another appointment. As bitter and whiny as I may seem, I do believe that you might need to do something more than once to give it a fair go, and maybe with time I will find a way to relax. And actually, my next appointment was with C, the owner, and I liked it much better (not the needles, but the talking. I am less about the acupuncture, more about the action plan).

So, with this next cycle, I am looking forward to combining the east and the west to make a baby in the here and now.

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