Sunday, February 5, 2012

how many times a day is too much?

No, not for that. *Blush* - for temping.

Clearly the answer is anything over one.

But, given that I may be crazy, you need to consider exceptional circumstances.

So here are reasons that you need to temp more than once:

1. For confirmation. See after you've been up a bit you need to confirm that your raised temp is not because of sleeping in socks (a newly developed [hateful] habit since reading that cold feet means cold uterus. This is not the message I want to be sending to my eggs. I want a uterus equivalent to a crackling fireplace with "home sweet home" in needlepoint over the mantle). So, after walking around, you need to confirm that your high temp is still high, regardless of circumstance.

2. If that second temp has dropped, you need to take a third temp to see which of the previous two temps is more accurate. We call this the tie-breaker temp.

3. The rocky night's sleep. Unfortunately this is one of my most frequent reasons for multiple temps. I am supposed to temp at 5:30. I wake up at 4 and don't get out of bed, but it is close to time to get up, so maybe I should temp just in case to see where I am. Same goes for when I wake up at 5 and 5:30 (optional retemps at 4:30...yes, I know, I should see someone about complete inability to sleep).

4. Um...anytime I see the thermometer. Literally.

I blame all this excessive temping on the fact that 1-5 DPO are the most boring of the entire cycle. No realistic pregnancy symptoms (somehow on this I can be rational), no ovulation watch, no boozy haydays of CD1 - 7. Without mother nature providing any entertainment, I am forced to find ways to keep myself busy.

Somehow, though, I don't think this is what they mean about keeping yourself distracted and occupied during the two week wait.

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