Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...

So I feel like I am always doom and (sarcastic, whiny) gloom on here. And yes, I am bummed and angry my period came. But, instead of focusing on that, I want to focus on the good to come from this past cycle:

1. I found a trigger shot that actually works!
2. My chart looked good (until it looked really bad). But still, it was nice (and heart attack inducing) to see some consistency. Maybe the acupuncture is helping?
3. My progesterone test (at 5dpo, not 7) came back as a 12 which is much higher than expected.
4. My luteal phase was longer than its ever been! Usually it is 12 days, and has been as short as 11. This month I made it to 13 days. Again, I think 3 cheers for the acupuncture.

Plus, I put on my big girl pants and called the new re and actually made an appointment. So, on Tuesday I go to the big fancy fertility (bff) docs.

All of this gives me hope that maybe next month (or some month soon) might actually work for us...

Until then, I am taking my lemons and making some limoncello (lemonade is for wusses).


  1. I think IF blogs tend toward the doom-and-gloom side because it's our outlet. I always fear that anyone that reads mine thinks I'm a very horrible person to be around. But I swear I'm not! Especially when drinking Limoncellos.

    1. Exactly! I do feel the need to constantly be like, "I'm nice... No really.... I swear."