Sunday, February 5, 2012

Other Two Week Wait Distractions...

So temping is not the only way I am biding my time. I have also logged countless man hours into planning D and my summer vacation. We are still narrowing down exactly where, but here are my super tough requirements:

1. We must book NOW(ish) … I want something to look forward to and that will serve as a distraction. Instead of baby sites I want to be logging onto sites selling resort wear or offering tours.

2. It must be somewhere good if you are pregnant, but fabulous if you are not. Meaning I want to enjoy it in case I (pretty please) get pregnant, but if I am not I want to be able to bask in my non-pregnant-ness (by doing things like rocking a bikini, or hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, or drinking a mojito...or perhaps Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in a bikini while drinking a mojito? But the main point is, all the while I can be thinking "Gawd this is awesome and I could never do this if I were pregnant!").

And that's it. Otherwise, the world's our oyster.

Well, turns out, the world's expensive. My top choice of Paris (the soft cheeses! The champagne! The unstable cobblestone streets! It's a non-preggers dream!) turned out to be sliiiiightly over our budget. And by slightly I mean I might have had to sell my (read: one of D's) organs to get there. London was similarly out of reach. And D, being a lovable redhead, has always put the kibosh on islands. That is, until his desire to please his fertility frustrated wife has lead him to do the unthinkable and suggest an island vacation!

Enter renewed hope and vigor. For the past several days I have been channeling my normal baby-obsessed energy into one that has Sandals, Couples, and Breezes on simultaneously opened internet searches. I have logs of prices and tripadvisor has become my new best friend. I follow D around the house with my laptop, peppering questions about his preferences at him when he least expects it. I am still narrowing down my choices, but I think we have a top contender. It looks beautiful, there are loungers a plenty, and the booze runs freely. Also, it's adults only, so there won't be a baby in sight.

I can't wait until it's booked and I can enjoy a different kind of countdown entirely!

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