Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My New BFF

So yesterday was my first appointment with the Big Fancy Fertility (BFF) doctor - confusingly also named also Dr. D. Funnily enough, his name is pronounced very close to the original Dr. D. So much so, that when I first made the appointment my mom encouraged me to go on the web site to make sure they were actually different doctors - and because my life is very similar to a French farce film that was not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Luckily however, they were not. However, for clarity's sake, I will just refer to this doc as my BFF.

Unfortunately, my BFF did not have my medical records (because I was too chicken to call Dr. D and ask for them. Plus, I rationalized to myself that this was only a consultation), so basically he had to go by the info I could supply him. Which as I've said before, is not much. I think he was a little appalled. He asked me where my endo was located and we heard crickets chirp. I had no idea - Dr. D literally never told me what was/ was not covered. I ventured a sheepish, "I think my tubes are clear because I had an HSG?" and he just responded that I should really get my charts ASAP. Dually noted.

After the embarrassing interlude that revealed I know almost nothing about the treatment I have been receiving or my diagnoses (cyst? the doctor asked. Is it an endometrium cyst? an ovarian cyst? --- clearly he was not a quick learner from our previous conversation which revealed I am completely ignorant about all things that I can't google) he went into what he thought our game plan should be. I am dubbing it the "one size fits all" plan, because, based on my frequenting of fertility boards, I feel like this is what every fertility doc suggests regardless of what is going on with you:

50mg clomid+ IUI (vary dosage as needed).

Now, in some ways I am thrilled. I have been itching for something more aggressive, and this plan requires absolutely no knives or lasers to go through my abdomen (a major plus). But on the other hand, I worry if it is right for me. I have been reading the book Making Babies and it talks about how Dr's often just suggest meds without worrying about looking into why the problem is happening. Is that what is happening here? And ultimately, do I /should I care? Conversely, maybe a lot of doctors suggest it because it is the logical place to start (anyone else hear Julie Andrews singing, "let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start"?). Finally, I guess I was pretty set in believing Dr. D who thought surgery was next, both because of the possible cyst and because the endo could be back. I was surprised that this Dr. dismissed both of those ideas (again, to be fair, without seeing my chart). Ultimately, I kind of feel like it comes down to which Dr. do I trust more? And I don't know...I left more confused then when I came in...

Yet, despite all this angst, in actuality I did come to a pretty rapid conclusion. I decided to do the Clomid. C'mon...Immediate action vs. pondering/ third opinion/ losing a month? It was a no-brainer. I figure I can always re-evaluate later.

Plus, if all else fails, it might be worth noting that he looked very much like Henry Winkler. So maybe he will knock his hips into my ovaries, say "ayyyyy" and my uterus will start working, much like the jukebox at Arnold's?

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  1. Action is much more satisfying than inaction. And while you are on the clomid, your BFF can review your records. It's like the definition of multitasking!

    Fair warning about the clomid though- it is a full 28 days of hormone hell. That tiny pill brought me to my knees! That said, I've had friends that have sailed through it with only a hot flash or two. But better to know what to expect than to be side-swiped and think you are going insane.