Friday, July 27, 2012

Moving Forward


I had my first official appointment with Dr. O yesterday. This will probably be a disjointed post since that is kind of how I am feeling. It was a whirlwind of information and when I went for my natural defense mechanism (taking copious notes as if I would be quizzed on everything later), she told me to put the pen away because I would get paperwork explaining everything in detail (er...but I didn't. And now I feel bereft).

Here's the nuts and bolts of it:

  • I am starting birth control now and then I will move onto Lupron, then Follistim, then Menapur (not sure my time frame on any of this. My OCD is ticking away violently).
  • I am getting some sort of water ultrasound (?) next week and I don't remember the purpose of it, but I think it helps them make sure there are no surprises when they go to implant the embabies.
  • Retrieval is set for the week of September 17th (which is perfect because even two days sooner and I was going to put it off for a month since it is the beginning of the school year / back to school night).
  • If we get to a 5 day transfer, they STRONGLY recommend only transferring one embryo. I am not sure how I feel about this. She says that new research shows that implanting two strong embryos does not make you any more likely to get pregnant, just more likely to have multiples. I am still hesitant because to me, safety in numbers and please let's take our best chances. But I think that is probably the subject of a different post at a different time.
And perhaps my favorite bullet of the day:
  • At their clinic, for my age, she says I have a 57% chance of getting pregnant.

Please, please let me be part of that 57%.

On a sad note, one of my favorite blogger friends just got devastating news that there was no heartbeat at her most recent ultrasound. My heart is broken for her, and I am full of hate right now at how hard this process is.



  1. Your timeline sounds very similar to mine. I am in the middle of my first (and hopefully only) IVF cycle. I started with BCPs, then Lupron once a day for...I forget how many days, but I have it written down at home. Then Lupron, Menopure, and Follistim (yep 3 shots a day) for I don't know how many days. A week maybe? Then my hCG trigger shot to make me ovulate, then no shots at all for one whole day (yay!), then egg retrieval, then Doxycycline the same day as my egg retrieval and continue twice a day for 4 days to prevent infection, and today I just started taking progesterone (vaginal suppository) twice a day until my Dr. tells me to stop (most likely up to my pregnancy test). Monday is the tentative date of my transfer.

    You'll get it all straightened out in time. And remember to call your Dr. and / or nurse any time you have questions. It shouldn't be a big deal for them to answer any of your questions. If they make a big deal about it, you might want to consider a second opinion. Oh, and the water sonogram is also known as SIS (or saline infusion sonogram). You can google it for more information. Also, your retrieval date can change as the month progresses. They moved mine up one day from the initial estimation. I too debate the 1 vs. 2 embryo transfer but I'll wait to make that decision when I know the quality of our embryos and how many survived to the day 5 transfer. Sorry for the long comment - I hope this helps answer some questions! : )

  2. LOL, I just read a few more of your blog posts and I see that you've alreay had a second opinion. You obviously know what you're doing in that department so feel free to ignore that part of my above comment. ; )

    1. No thank you for posting! I am greedy for information so this is great! See, you getting moved up two days scares me since that would coincide directly with my BTSN. However, my doctor swears medically it is impossible for retrieval for before the 17th, so, since I do like her, I am going to have to trust her (which is so, so hard to do).

      Wishing you lots and lots of luck for Monday!!

  3. 57%? Awesome! it must feel great to have a schedule!

  4. Great stats :)) Hope you're in the 57%... cheering you on and thinking of you as you start (sorry that I'm a little late). Looks like we'll be having our retrieval around the same time in mid-September... Lovely to be cycling with you xoxo

  5. That's so exciting! Am definitely looking forward to having a cycling buddy! Hopefully we are both in the 57%!