Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Third Time's The Charm?

If you remember, last week I was contemplating what option I should choose for going forward. Basically, I chose option IA and IIC - meaning I decided to try naturally this month, as well as to seek out a third opinion. Between google searches and recommendations from friends (of friends), I narrowed it down to two different REs in the area. Both had decent reviews, but were SART rated, and both were easily commutable from my house and my work. Only one had an opening in July. And thus my decision was made.

Yesterday, I had my meeting with the new RE. Amazingly, her name does not start with a D. It starts with an O - already a positive change! And I think I am in love (or at least, a strong case of like. Like, if this were middle school, I would totally be doodling her name on my notebook). Instead, here's a a list of reasons this new doc has got my attention:

1. It is a small practice. In fact, it is just her and a nurse at this office. Despite being smaller, she still offers good monitoring hours (unlike my original doctor who, while also small, did not open before 10). Because it is so small, she will perform all my medical procedures. 

2. She read my medical records. Not only that, but she questioned things she saw (for instance, she thought all the natural iuis made no sense since we have no male factor issue, and she could not understand how my HSG was "normal" when my surgery revealed things that should have shown up there as well. Plus, she also thought that triggering with my largest egg being 16mm was premature. Is there anything better than someone validating your own thoughts?). She did not do any of it in a derogatory sense to the other doctors; it was moreso that she was probing about the different experiences or things that did not add up to her. I liked that she did not just ruminate about all this in her head, but actually got me involved in the conversation.
 3. She called me young. Repeatedly. But not in an annoying, let's-take-your-time kind of way. More of a, the world's-your-fertility-oyster kind of thing. She was reassuring and kept stressing how with my age and health, she felt we would be successful. I know it is her business to do so, but it was nice to hear.

4. She gave me her email address and told me I could reach out with questions. This may not be a big deal to some people, but to me, this is like a magic lamp. My current doc is insulated by Fort Knox when it comes to communication. I love the idea that she is open to hearing from me. 
But perhaps most importantly:
5. She asked me what I wanted, and how I was feeling. And then, she listened
So, I think I am going to make the switch. I am nervous. Partly because I hate change, partly because I hate to already be on my third doc, and partly because in doing so, I will be leaving one of the "best" clinics in the area for a place that is less known. However, I liked her. I felt she listened. Even D said when we left that she was the most together and attentive doctor we have had. Which she really was. So, hopefully this is it. Third time's the charm.

Now I just need this cycle of waiting to be over so we can get the show on the road*.

*Unless any divine being seems fit to make me pregnant naturally, rendering all of this a moot point. I would totally be okay with that too...


  1. Oh, this is fantastic news! I'm a firm believer in not only finding really smart doctors, but also ones that you feel comfortable with and, like you said, LISTENS. If you don't trust them, it won't be a good situation.

    I also love that it's a small practice and that Dr. O will be seeing you- not one of many assistants or other doctors. I have that at my clinic and I think it makes a world of difference in the care you receive. Also, the email thing is HUGE. Again, my RE gave me her cell phone and email address and though I've rarely used them, when I did need to- it was important. For something as delicate and time sensitive as fertility, having immediate access to your doctors is primo-importante.

    *go divine being go!

  2. I agree. And I just was not getting that attention at my old RE (in fact, I was getting conflicting information which was even more confusing!). I am excited for a small practice. I remember reading about your RE and thinking she sounded wonderful (like she actually knew who you were!), so hopefully mine will be a little like that!