Sunday, June 10, 2012


CD 9

So I got the call. They are not canceling me, but they are having me trigger tonight. With the lead folly (follies) being at 14. I feel like this is basically canceling it but not calling it that. I have no hope that these follies will be big enough or continue to grow. Yet I am still going to be subjected to a 2WW where I know, despite the pessimism seeping from my pores, I will still hope.  I asked about converting to an ivf  and was told that they don't do that.

And when I am not shedding crocodile tears that they are triggering too soon, I am alternately worrying that they should be triggering at all. If they think it really could work, should we be doing it with this many sacs?

12 measurable egg sacs...does it always have to be feast or famine?!?

Question: So this cycle I supplemented with Royal Jelly (and I am subsequently thinking that is what made the difference). At this point, would you keep taking it in the hopes that the 14s will grow, or for-the-love-that-is-all-good-and-holy cut it out so I do not becoome dodecamom?

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