Friday, June 22, 2012

Wtf body?


Excuse me, have you seen my luteal phase?

Because, despite having strong progesterone numbers at 3dpo, I started spotting at 9dpo. And today, 10dpo, I am in the midst of a full fledged period. Something that has never happened to me.

And no, this is not, oh, I mistook this brown/pink spotting as my period, but it is really just implantation bleeding, teeheehee. It's dark red, flowing, it looks like I beheaded someone with my lady parts awful aunt flowness (sorry to be vulgar, I just want to make clear how there is no possible cutesy Three's Company type misunderstanding here. This is my period. I recognize her well).

Wtf? And the kicker? Being so early, I am out-of-state, so I won't be back to get to the Dr. until Sunday. Which means I am not sure I can start another injectible cycle. Cue hulk style scream here.

Ok. Vent over. Off to mope. Is 8 in the morning too early to start the liquor?


  1. It's never too early to start drinking and I highly recommend you start promptly given this situation. Im so sorry hun, that's just shitty every way you look at. However, if you can get in to see your RE on Sunday, Im pretty sure CD3 is not tohere late to start injectables.

  2. Thanks for the support. There *may* have been copious drinking last night (but who can remember? Certainly not me with this pounding head!). Hope your second beta went ok...have been thinking of you!!