Friday, August 3, 2012


The pharmacy called me on my way home from the beach today to confirm my medication order (I had not even known it was placed!). As I listened on the phone, the pharmacist rattled off the following list:

Gonal F
Doxycyline (??)

And of course, as she put it, my complimentary alcohol wipes and sharps container. All due to arrive by the 21st of August.

Holy crap. This is starting to feel real.


  1. You might want to pick up some Colace from your local drug store for constipation too. If you experience constipation, it is best to have it taken care of before your embryo transfer. I wish someone had warned me about this in advance. Just another added bonus of going through IVF. ; )

  2. Thanks! I have a feeling that might be invaluable advice :)

  3. I just found your blog through the ICLW list for August. Looks like someone's gearing up for IVF! Isn't it nice that they give free alcohol wipes! =) I am about to start my first FET. I had a severe case of OHSS with IVF #1 in June, but am feeling super positive about our FET.
    Nice to "meet" you and am excited to follow your IVF journey!

  4. Thanks for stopping by!Yes, I love how they made the alcohol wipes seem like this amazing bonus. Although at this point, I will take anything "free". Wishing you lots of luck with the FET!