Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hiccup - Revised

Last week I wrote about how my Dr. thought I had either a septum or a biconuated uterus.  To help her figure out what is going on, she had asked me to get my films from my previous HSGs (I had one in 2009 and 2011). After several unreturned phone calls, one really awkward conversation with Original Dr. D, and a two hour round trip trek to the radiology place, I was finally able to get the films.  Yesterday, I dropped them off with Dr. O, and today I was ready to have my MRI.

However, bright and early this morning, Dr. O called and told me to cancel it. According to my films, she said I do not have a septum or a bicornuated uterus. Apparently, I have something called a "T-shaped Uterus".

This concerns me on several levels.
1. My only previous knowledge of a T-shaped Uterus was from the movie Baby Momma (starring my personality doppelganger Tina Fey) where she is told she can't get pregnant, so she has to hire a surrogate.

2. Supposedly this is often dubbed the DES uterus because of the parent being exposed to the drug DES while pregnant. It is often taken by mothers who had recurrent miscarriages. I know this is not the case because, as my mother has frequently pointed out, she has never had trouble getting pregnant.

and perhaps most importantly...
3. How the heck did my first doctor miss this? He performed two HSGs on me!!

And 3 is the one I am really struggling with. Because it makes me wonder - was he wrong and missed it? Is she wrong now? Shouldn't we have done the MRI anyway, just to be sure? Do I need (heavens no) a fourth opinion to verify all this?

Thankfully, I have an appointment with Dr. O on Friday where she said she will show me the film and draw pictures for me to help explain what is going on / what this means for me. According to our brief phone conversation, she said she does not think this is affecting my fertility (of course not. Why would there be an actual reason for our struggles), but that it may affect my ability to carry to term/ cause miscarriages. From our phone conversation, I could not gather how much of a concern this really is.

So now, I wait. And hopefully on Friday I get more answers.

I just have to try and stay away from Dr. Google in the meantime.


  1. I've had 2 HSGs and no one ever mentioned anything to me about my uterus being an irregular shape...that is until my RE did the SIS with an u/s at the same time. He told me during my appointment that I have a 'horn-shaped' uterus (which I'm sure is the same as 't-shaped') and he showed it to me on the u/s machine as I was laying there. He seemed rather unconcerned about this causing any issues for me with becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy. But I always feel like there is more to the story than what our REs, nurses, etc. tell us. So now I'm going to ask him some more questions. Thanks to your post for inspiring me! : )

    1. And I probably will be consulting Dr. Google in the mean time.

    2. I completely agree. I feel like REs think the diagnoses of our bodies are only on a "need to know" basis. No - I'd rather know everything. However, my dr. also seemed to downplay whether or not this was a concern, so hopefully it is really nothing. And I really hope that even if it might matter with "natural" conception, it is a moot point since we are doing IVF.

      If you get any good answers in the meantime, keep me posted!

  2. Missed diagnoses. Mixed messages. Missed opportunities. I'm guessing you are not only confused, but mad. At least that is what I was feeling as I read this. Friday seems like a long time away still but I'm really hoping that this meeting with Dr. O brings some (good) answers and some much needed clarity. I feel like with IVF you are the brink of something big and I desperately want this path to be clear for you.

    On an unrelated note- I need to thank you for the support. Not just in the past week, but always. It has meant so much to me.

    1. Thanks. I honestly am not sure what I feel. Confusion is dominating right now. I think when I get more answers (If I get more answers) on Friday, my confusion might change to anger. It is just so many changes in the span of a week. Hopefully, it does not matter what it is, and IVF will be the answer regardless.

      That is so sweet. I am always, always rooting for you. I cannot wait until we are celebrating instead of commiserating with one another.