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Yesterday I had a mini consult with my BFF. After I got the news from the PA that this was going to be a "missed month" I had the knee jerk reaction of calling my Dr. and scheduling an appointment. Basically, with my vacation coming up in the middle of June, the thought of missing two months was not sitting easily with me.

However, when the time for the appointment came, I felt a little sheepish. I had mostly made my peace with having to miss this month, and my acupuncturist had gotten me jazzed about trying things naturally with herbs and vitamin supplements. I was not sure how much I needed to discuss.

So when we sat down in my BFF's office, I really did not have a lot to say.My (self-prescribed) plan was to try naturally this month, hopefully take BC while on vacation, and then either injectibles or ivf after that. All I was going to do was ask for the BC script for while we were on vacation. However, as soon as I told him we were leaving in mid June, he was off and running. So here's the new (dr. prescribed) plan:
  • Birth control for 2 weeks (12 days actually since I did not start it when I was supposed to). Take last pill on May 29
  • Period should come around June 1
  • Approximately 10 days of stims
  • IUI around June 13
  • Progesterone test around June 18
  • Vacation!
Other interesting tidbits from this appointment:
  • Apparently, last month when he dropped my dosage to 50, my estrogen also took a huge nose dive.This month he is ordering, regardless of what is happening, to keep the dosage at 75.
  • He also said he thinks I only had (maybe) one mature egg last month. He feels the other 13s were not going to be enough. Again, he thinks that by maintaining the dosage at a higher rate, we will get larger eggs. He said the risk is greater, but he thinks it is worth it.
D is overjoyed with this plan. As he says, "I am getting everything I want." I, however, have my reservations. I was going to embrace eastern medicine. I was going to relax. This new plan seems like a lot of time sensitive stuff. If it does not go exactly as planned, what happens then? Plus, what if the cysts don't go away? And even more importantly, I told my acupuncturist I was going "natural" and I feel like she is going to be disappointed (yes, sadly that is "more important"  - I am a people pleaser through and through).

But really, D is right, it is everything I wanted: minimum time lost. A chance to have a cycle that matters. So why can't I just be happy?

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