Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sweet Nothings

CD 21 / 7 dpIUI

The scene:
Last Monday night, our living room. D and I were about to sit down to dinner at the coffee table (oh, don't judge - everyone knows dinner tastes better in front of the television) and watch How I Met Your Mother. Due to the Wawa sandwiches in our hands (Ok, that you can judge a my next life, I will cook mid-week meals. In the meantime, with each of us having hour commutes, take-in it is), neither of us could grab the remote to fast forward through the commercials. The first commercial that came on was for the movie version of What to Expect While Expecting. This was not the first time I had seen this commercial, and I groan inwardly every time I do. It's like my worst nightmare - dozens of adorable pregnant people extolling the pains and pleasures of pregnancy for 2 solid hours. Surely, there is a circle in the Inferno devoted to this just for infertiles. However, D turned to me, eyes bright and, without a hint of irony or anything but enthusiasm, said, "Hey that could be perfect timing for us!".

I love that D is so optimistic and my doom and gloom has still not brought him down. I love even more that the same man who has made me sit through Hildalgo, National Treasure and all three of the Lord of the Rings movies is thinking a romantic comedy about babies will be a perfect movie for us. His hope can make me believe, if only for a little while, that this month could be different. And this, in part, is where I get the strength to keep on trying.

But I still don't want to see the movie.

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  1. "Surely, there is a circle in the Inferno devoted to this just for infertiles." You made my tea come out my nose with this line.

    But what D said? Absolutely melted me.