Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Holy Side Effects Batman

10 dpIUI

So not to be melodramatic or anything (who me?), but the side effects from the progesterone are killing me. Usually I bemoan my symptomless state, wanting something to distract me and give me hope, but this is making me rethink my previous stance. I just can't beat the effect these supplements are having on me. Some of the joy I have experienced in this past week:

1. Joint aches....specifically, knee aches. On Monday night I felt as if I had run a marathon. Since I have most definitely done nothing aerobics in weeks, I realized that I was sore...from standing and teaching all day? Yeah, pathetic but true. I felt as agile and nimble as an arthritic grandmother.

2. Not technically a side effect, but I am a leaky faucet of wonderfulness. Enough said.

3. Bloat. My pants feel unpleasantly tight (and yes, I am choosing to believe this is caused by bloat, not actual weight gain from oh...eating a whole package of cheese like I am doing as I type this) and I find myself debating if sweatpants are work appropriate (unfortunately not. But as someone who spends most of her day working on the floor with people half her height,  I think they definitely should be).

4. The hormones. Oh the hormones. All week I've felt like a walking Nirvana song, all maudlin and full of angst, but today I reached a new low. At lunch a coworker snapped at me for no reason. Did I brush her off, or laugh about it, or even channel my inner bitch and retaliate? No, I  burst into tears. At work. In front of coworkers. Lovely.

And I can't even symptom spot these things because (a) progesterone gives you these symptoms and, more importantly, (b) I took a test today and it was a bfn (erhm...twice).

So what's a girl to do? Well this girl plans to drown her sorrows in a bowl of ice cream on the couch, with one button of her jeans undone, and indulge in a good cry. Because at this point, if If I can't beat it, I am just going to have to embrace it.


  1. Going right from fertility meds to progesterone is a killer. What is that, a whole week of no meds only to jump back on board? Argh. The leaky faucet stuff is. just. not. right. And the hormones are not fair.

    I'm not counting you out just yet at 10 days. I tested negative on 13DPIUI- so you never know. I understand if *you* are sad- but I'm going to hold out hope for at least a few more days.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head...I had all of a week off from meds and I think my poor body was like "WTF??? Don't I ever get a break?". I've promised it lots of wine and soft cheeses as a reward if/when my period comes.

      Being a complete masochist, I tested today (Mother's Day) at 14DPIUI and it is still negative so I think I am done. I am feeling amazingly okay about it now, but I am wondering if that is because I am still in an early morning daze with no coffee...

    2. Shit. I'm so sorry. I hope that even after the coffee set in, you were ok. Negatives are NEVER easy- but on Mother's Day? Salt in the wound. I hope you've been able to at least enjoy those soft cheeses and wine.