Monday, May 21, 2012


CD 8 (not that it matters)

It is just one of those lives days. It seems nothing is going quite right.

I wake up to my third day in a row of nausea. I remember back when I took birth control it used to make me nauseous if I took it in the morning, so I would take it at night instead. Apparently, it now makes me nauseous if I take it at night too. Lovely. Nothing like mimicking morning sickness when there is absolutely no chance for it to be so. I barely got myself together to go to work I was feeling so low.

I get to school today to find out that no substitute actually showed up to cover my position on Friday. Everyone is pretty nice about it, but I can't help but feel guilty and bad that I (a) was not at work on Friday and (b) inconvenienced colleagues who had to swap turns covering my classes.

In preparing for a meeting with my principal tomorrow, I try to print out the transcript of my professional development for the year. No matter what I do, I cannot get the second page of the document to print. Multiple screen shots later, I have the Picasso of professional documents to bring to my meeting.

I finally get home, desperate to clean my way over due bathroom. To do so, I need to somehow keep the dog from licking up the bleach. Since Luna gets separation anxiety if outside by herself, and I cannot bear to lock her in her crate after a full school day inside of it, my only option is to gate her in the downstairs.  After 10 minutes of wrestling with the baby dog gate to keep her safely downstairs, I declare the gate the victor and give up (if you remember the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons where he used to wrestle with his bike, that is distinctly what it felt like. This will teach me to get the cheapest one available at Target). So, my bathroom will be mildew-y instead.

I guess writing it out, none of that seems terribly awful. I am just so frustrated with everything right now, and I feel like the hormones from the birth control are wreaking worse havoc than any of my other hormone supplements combined. All I want to do right now is crawl under my duvet and not re-emerge til...well, not even the next cycle. Can I just re-emerge when I am pregnant? Pretty please?

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